Puma Palooza at PVCC

26 04 2011

Every student, no matter what his or her major is, needs a special day of relaxation. A special day of recognition meant to reward those working towards their educational goals.

This year, from March 28th to April 1st, the Second Annual Puma Palooza (Spring Fling) is part of Spirit Week at Paradise Valley Community College and is an event designed to allow students to just “get crazy!”

Ryan Novo, Student Life and leadership Office Coordinator says, Spirit Week Allows students to take a break from classes and midterms and just have fun at school.

Novo says that Spirit Week is designed to help build tradition on campus, which is difficult in a community college setting because of the turn-around of students moving on to other schools or careers.

“There is not a lot of opportunity to develop tradition or school Spirit on campus.” Says Novo, who coordinates Spirit Week with clubs and organizations on campus, and Spirit Week allows for students to participate in their school spirit.”

Puma Palooza, which is the Spring Fling of the college, is a student-oriented event with fun activities and prizes for students. Many students came out on Wednesday for this spring event to try their courage on the rock-climbing wall and the over-sized boxing glove ring, even Dr. Dale, President of PVCC, was seen climbing the wall, (on a dare, so the story goes.)

2nd Annual PVCC Puma Palooza

Puma Palooza took the spot from the Wellness Fest, which has lasted 8-10 years as an official event at PVCC and was also run by PVCC Faculty and Staff.

Jon Baez, president of the film club along with Mikaela Rischard who is also member of the club, says “The pocket change donated here goes directly back to our students.”

  • Monday 28th  Sports Day
  • Tuesday 29th  Twin Day
  • Wednesday 30th  Puma Palooza
  • Thursday 31st  Character Day
  • Friday April 1st  Crazy Hat Day



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