Educational Spring Break in 2011

9 03 2011

Spring break, what does it mean to people? A road trip to the nearest beach, drinking on the beach, playing on the beach, sex on the beach. For many students, it’s the same event every year. But recently, most students are opting to use their money and time by doing more educational and volunteer type of vacation.

In Mexico which is a big Spring Break destination for most Americans is a perfect way to let loose all those feelings of wanting to give back. And to work with communities that need assistance in building or teaching. In Costa Rica, a student can volunteer in health clinics and environmental conservatories while earning credit for school.

Andrew Green who is a student, studying music at NAU says he would like to visit third world countries to teach music in a workshop format on his Spring break and is now talking with his professors to help him organize a musical workshop in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun Mexico.

Most students have often thought of taking this route to earning class credit. But this type of credit is still considered non-credit course work and is not even considered an elective. Volunteering during a student’s Spring Break is considered solely personal time from colleges, but looks great on a first-time-hunting-for-a-job resume.

Expensive and exotic trips around the work by many students including those with better than moderate incomes have also scaled down the Spring Break vacations since the economy spiraled several years ago.

As far as the die-hards, the beaches of America and Mexico are still open for business.

Students considering educational Spring Breaks should also consider free money for their trips. Today, many colleges and universities are offering scholarships to qualifying students and also group rates to exotic places in Mexico and here in the U.S.

Elliot Snore, is an engineering student at NAU who has taken advantage of such scholarships offered at the school.

“I have traveled to Egypt and Chile on these types of scholarships and hope to get another scholarship to help rebuild some areas of Haiti this Spring Break,” says Snore.

Also, and for many, Under the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007, most students who are going to go into the public service sectors after graduation can also benefit from this program by having their loans decreased or eliminated and Spring Break volunteering and research can help place you in many public service jobs in your community.

Spring Break, it’s not about sunning, drinking, fornication on the beach anymore. Its about gaining personal growth and educational networking for a student’s unstable future. Perhaps someday, we will see the indulgence of our college students fill their vacations with more useful and productive activities than just going out and getting drunk.


Side Bar:

Three organizations, if you want an educational Spring Break in 2011

Projects Abroad-Community Building in Jamaica, Health Care in Costa Rica, and Conservation in Mexico

United Planets – Working in an orphanage in Guatemala, Environmental Conservation in Costa Rica

ELAP-Protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica and Mexico from poachers




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