The Wall Street Journal is for Everyone

2 02 2011

The reason I am writing my news stories using The Wall Street Journal is that I believe the “Journal” to be a very informative and hopefully unbiased news site. Reason for this may come from the financial information the Journal is known for. – How can math be wrong, is my theory.

Of course, there may be certain stories that do not fall into the financial category of the news, which can also be published in this on-line news source and still be able to deliver unbiased news. I also believe, that any story that is published in the Journal must pass very stringent and unbiased criteria, I hope.

I think that trust may be one very important reason that has kept this news source active for so many years.

In the Wall Street Journal you find stories from around the world, but also a more focused and precise financial section straight from the gut of the financial hub of the world.

Some stories in the Journal will take you to the front lines of the war in Afghanistan, or to the front lines in a Tucson grocery store parking lot, whatever the story, whatever the location, “The Wall Street Journal” is there to bring us the news with a no-holds-bar zeal and accuracy that is matched by only a few in the world of journalism.




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