Protestors burn American Flag in Chile

4 03 2010

Over 30,000 protestors marched in the streets of Santiago as President Bush attended the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference, (APEC) On November 19th 2004. Many of the protestors were veterans of the Marxist Salvador Allende era protesting that Bush was a vampire. Many wore t-shirts depicting Bush as a communist, and others burned an American Flag. (Latin American Studies)

Protestors burn American Flag on November, 19th 2004 opposing U.S. Policies in Iraq Latin American Studies-Photo

Chile went from Dictatorship to democracy in 1990. And since then, Chile has been a prosperous ally of the United States, with several military contracts and diverse economic free-trade.

The election of the first woman president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet steamed many older Marxist sympathizers, but slowly gained the support of the U.S. and many of the her Chilean Constituents with current popularity polls at 70 percent.

“She did things that were not presidential in the eyes of the Chilean establishment, said ex-president Ricardo Lagos (2000-2006) “It is very difficult to go back, she lowered the presidency closer to the people.” (NYT-Article)

Bachelet will be succeeded March 11th 2010 by right-wing billionaire, Sebastian Pinera, in the midst of the 8.8 earthquake catastrophe.

President Michelle Bachelet of Chile danced in front of the presidential palace in Santiago last month as part of independence anniversary celebrations.Photo by Tomas Munita for The New York Times




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