Earthquake hits Chile, Tsunami heads towards Hawaii

28 02 2010

147 people died early this morning when An 8.8 magnitude earthquake shook most of the country of Chile. The earthquake’s massive destruction was mostly in Chile’s second largest city of Concepcion, which is approximately 70 miles away from the epicenter, with minor damage to buildings in the capital of Santiago.
President Michelle Bachelet, declared a “State of Catastrophe” for the country and said in National Emergency interviews that a heavily populated part of Robison Crusoe Island also felt the tremor, which lies 410 miles from the main land, and that not much major damage had been reported.
Chilean news agencies reported that the earthquake set off a major Tsunami aftershock across the Pacific Basin, ultimately toward the Hawaiian Islands.
Thousands of people on the Hawaiian Islands have been moved to higher ground pending the dozen tsunami aftershocks reported by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, and the United States Geological Survey.
President Obama told President Bachelet that the United States would be there if assistance was needed.
Chile is a more prosperous country than Haiti and although Chile is in one of the most severe earthquake zones in the world, the country still enforces more stringent building codes than other high earthquake zones, accounting for the fewer death tolls, and total building damage, as compared to the Haiti earthquake.

New York Times Map1

Rescuers searched for victims and survivors after an apartment complex collapsed in Concepción. An 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck central Chile early Saturday. Photo: Associated Press

A woman sat in front a quake-damaged house in Talca, Chile. Residents were also jolted by at least 20 aftershocks measuring over 5.0 on the magnitude scale, with one topping 6.9. Photo: Sebastian Martinez/Associated Press




2 responses

3 03 2010

Dear MS, Great lead and headline. Indeed, this gives a different insight than those of the evening news. Seeing that I have not had the chance to compare the leads or headlines of the national newspaper– I cannot offer the others to compare, but this post was all that I needed. We will rap more tomorrow. Thanks.–NJK

3 03 2010

I figured just a summary would suffice.

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