Japan, South Korea, and Hawaii – Here we come!

15 02 2010

Normally, I try to bring world news to the pages of POLITICO ONE, share the news of the day and events that concern our community. Today I will take our community to the world, (World News, doesn’t have to be tragic). . .

Our nephew, Silvano, who is twelve years old and the newest member of “America’s Singing Ambassadors.” – The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus, which will again; represent the United States at The World Vision International Choral Festival in Seoul, Korea in July. The Touring Choir, which is the most prestigious group of the chorus, will also be touring different venues in Japan, and Hawaii.

Happy Silver

A year ago, Silvano, (aka, Silver, Sliver, Sandwich, Pa’, and Sunshine) sang his heart out with a tune by his favorite music legend, Johnny Cash, to an enthusiastic crowd at the Tucson Mall, which earned him a full scholarship to the 70 year old choir, and sponsored by the “Star Kids” event held by the choir.

It’s wonderful to see how much of a young gentleman he has become, thoughtful and courteous and always respectful. The boy’s choir has also elevated his spirits, and he is honoring his position in the choir by keeping his grades up and practicing everyday.

My sister Veronica and his own sister Arielle are a big influence in his life, as well as others such as my brother Alonso who is a great mentor, and brought his big guns to the table, as we made a ton of tamales this weekend, mashing the masa with his bare hands, take that, and that! (Tough guy!)

Unfortunately the “Star Kids” scholarship does not include travel expenses for the touring group. Therefore, his aunts and uncles have begun fund raising efforts in order to reach this very important financial goal.

Silvano in the middle -TBC Photo

Within the last month, my wife has been busy selling tamales to her clients; something we do every year at Christmas, but figured it’s as good a time as any to collect money towards his trip. So this weekend, everyone came up from Tucson and we set up the house like an assembly line and surpassed our quota of 50 dozens, making 60!

This has turned out to be, a truly, family affair and we are hopeful that Silvano will get his opportunity, solely because when he is asked who he owes his most gratitude, he always answers, to ‘God.’

In conclusion, we sincerely believe this kind of extra curricular experience is a  great way, not only for Silvano, but for all the children in the choir to get involved in such memorable events, to help teach them the merits if civil contribution, citizenship, and respect for their community, and the world for that matter.

Our goal: To raise the $3,500 assessment fee needed for the trip. Please mail your contributions to

The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus

5770 E. Pima

Tucson, Arizona 85712-5610

(Please include Silvano S. Garcia in the memo line)

With sincere appreciation,

Miguel, Georgina, Alonso, Carmen, and Alejandra

Fredrick Balazs

Silvano and Fredrick Balazs world-renowned Hungarian-born composer, conductor, and violinist

Silvano with Cousins

Silvano and Nana Gloria

Silvano, Tia Carmen, Clarysa and Denny

Tio Alonso and Tia Alejandra

Mikey, Lucas, Quinn, Cruz, Clarysa, Silvano, Arielle

Veronica (my sister) Georgina (my wife)

Veronica (my sister) Georgina (my wife)

Silvano and me

Silvano helping Tata Miguel

Picture with grandparents

Silvano and Choir - TBC Photo




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