The China Syndrome

15 10 2009

American and Chinese Political, and Trade Relations seem to be a run-away-horse; one that cannot be readily stopped, at the very least, anytime soon.

China has become the new world player in the arena of Global Economics. It’s also surprising that China never had a seat in the Group of 7, economic forum, since the US Trade deficit with China has climbed, totaling $US123 billion through July of this year, according to the US Commerce Department’s International Trade Commission, nearly half of the nation’s total trade deficit of $US266 billion.

China believes it has the ability to stay a world economic power and has even considered the idea of a world power since it occupies a seat on the United Nations Security Council, thus having the power to veto any decisions imposing sanctions and other actions of the council.

Perhaps, a constructive trade agreement with China may be better for the financial security of the US, as opposed to impose tariffs on chickens and tires that can alienate the US’s Primary lender.

China, is also regulating the use of nuclear weapons within the realm of the arm of the UN, as seen in imposing strict financial and trade restrictions to North Korea for launching and detonating a nuclear device. The question must be: Is China the next Super power?




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