Are U.S. Marines Alone in the fight against the Taliban?

6 09 2009

U.S. Marines are trained to carry heavy packs of gear and a slew of miscellaneous weapons, while on patrol or combat missions in 120 degree heat in the rough terrain of Southern Afghanistan. So what is the Afghan Government doing to help in its own defense? At the moment, not very much. The little U.S. Forces that are based right now in Afghanistan are not enough to weed out all the small pockets of the Taliban. And with the recent minuscule participation at the voting polls for a new government has sent a new message, that the people of Afghanistan are not ready for the assistance the U.S. is providing with its troops.

The Afghan Government has not been very active in their own struggle against the Taliban, and it seems to expect so much more from the U.S. in the form of medical and education aid, and this is especially obvious when the Afghan People are actively supporting most of the efforts of the Taliban, because of the economic support they receive through the active role of such jobs as the cultivation of opium; a commodity that is helping the poorest of that country, and also the efforts of the Taliban, financially.




2 responses

11 09 2009
Carmela Kelly

Great column. I can get people who are active over there maybe. My nephew is a marine who re-upped. Maybe those who re-up would be an interesting story. Has anyone done it? Also what’s on the wish list this year. Two years ago or so it was lightweight black running socks. How much is a US mailing package? What’s the best deal for your loved ones? Are there strangers to adopt?

What does it mean to stand on the wall? I’ve got maybe some contacts if interested. I stand on the wall (this is what we do) and mainly write prose for the shitter and he reads it just maybe not there. What do they want to know in an email? Lots of stories here that no one has covered that I know.

6 10 2009
Judy Galbraith

Since Afghanistan’s stability is key to U.S. security, the U.S. faces quite a challenge in determining how to proceed. Having lived through the tragedy of Vietnam, I fear the indecisiveness I see in the White House in this regard. I know you lived through it, too.

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